[PREWEDDING] Andi & Vanni :: “3 Cities, 2 Hearts, 1 love”

From GoldCoast, To Sydney, and Finally Melbourne. Andi and Vanni, showed a genuine friendship and everlasting love between the two. Read the rest of this entry »

Photo Trip 2011 in progress

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Vu & Belinda RAW photos (same day slideshow)

here is another same day slideshow that i made for vu and belinda (consist the highlights from the morning prep, ceremony and outdoor session. to be displayed / presented at the night reception). i want to apologise to those who i might have ignored on that day while i was working on this slideshow. i got 1 hour to finish sorting the photos from that day, resized and preparing the slideshow DVD. congrats again to Vu and Belinda, hope you enjoy the slideshow and the photos.

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Cath & James

to see more photos, please click on the photo above or this link: Cath & James

what a lovely couple. from the first time meeting them you can so tell that they are in love. James clearly crazy about Cath and has his eyes focus on her and her only all the time. Cath, always adore James and responded to everything that he does. sweet couple! they were awkward at first but it was not hard to make them feel relaxed. it didn’t take long before i got ignored by them because they start enjoying each others company too much :)

[Commercial] Pancious @ Taman Anggrek Mall

click on the photo above or this link to see more photos

Another Pancious Branch Restaurant, the 5th one, located on one of the biggest shopping mall in Indonesia. The first thing that amazed me and got my attention was the way they did the tall windows as circular partitions. what another great concept! well done Pancious :)

[Commercial] Pancious @ Kelapa Gading Mall

click on the photo above or this link to see more photos

Pancious, one of the fastest growing restaurant chain in Jakarta, Indonesia, open their 4th branch and want me to took interior shots of their newest concept.

[Commercial] Pancious Menu Photoshoot

click on the photo or this link to see more photos

the food are all simple, and they are all as delicious as they look… :) yes i tried all of them myself for each week after the photo shoot… i am hooked! :D

[Commercial] Pancious @ Permata Hijau

to see more photos, click on the photo or this link: Pancious 01

this is one of my very first shots for restaurant. using my old D70, and working with the low lights is tricky but manageable.

[STUDIO] Franklyn + Amanda

click on the photos or this link to go to the album

Amanda was probably one of the most relax client i’ve seen in front of big cameras… she would do the pose as directed and gracefully. it was effortless to capture her grace and beauty. Franklyn is even more so relax and sometime too relax :) fun bloke. he is quite a natural for someone who spent more time behind viewfinder instead of in front of it :)

[WEDDING] Ann & Anthony RAW photos (sameday slideshow)

Ann & Anthony Wedding (Raw Photos / Unedited Version)
by Silas-Photo.com

click here to see the Slideshow on Youtube

i made this slideshow in 1 hour on the same day of the wedding… this slideshow were played at the night of the reception at annabella’s reception clayton melbourne. it is to summarise the morning ceremony and afternoon photoshoot that happened on the very same day.

congratulation again ann and anthony. they will have another party in Canberra the following week. so stay tune!

Tristan Birthday 1 Years Old

to see more photos, click on the pic above or here: Tristan

This album layout was all hand drawn from scratch. I decided to make the album like a story book. the jungle theme was tristan’s mum idea… :) you can see the finished album here tristan album

i haven’t took many photos of kids and baby, but is it something that i will be looking into very soon… this was one of my first kid’s photography job…

Rusly Tjohnardy:: Bazaar Wedding Expo

Rusly Tjohnardi – BAZAAR Wedding Expo. Four Season

click on the pic or this link to see more photos: Rusly Tjohnardi 02

another striking collections. Rusly hired me to cover his backstage preparation and catwalk of his collections. As i expected, amazing details and perfection on each dress. enjoy! :)

while i was there i also took some shots of other designers. some practice shots while waiting for Rusly’s turn for the show.

to see more photos, please click on pic above or click on this link: Bazaar others

Album Sample: Various

click the pic for more photos or this link: Various Album

more album samples and material choices. if you can see now we also package them in custom bag instead of a box… your choice. :)

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