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EXE CREW Photo Shoot:: Motion Shots

click on the image above or this link: EXE CREW PHOTOSHOOT

cut long story short, i decided to give a motion shot or chase cam a try. a proper way of doing it is to make a rig to be installed on the car so you can use slower shutter to make the background blurred… i did not have the rig, so i decided to sneak inside the back of shaun’s mirage and since i cannot use slow shutter, i make it up by doing it at higher speed and lower angle :P


well and here are the highlights from the album if you can’t be bothered flicking thru all the photos :D

EXE-Crew Track Day

i have a huge passion in motorsports and driving. however i never really took any proper photos of the action on the track with my cameras until last year… maybe because i spent more time behind the wheels during track days and if there is anything that can make me forget about photography for a while, driving on the track, sound of revving engines, burnt rubber smell and screeching tyres… it is like nothing else for me… because for that few minutes in my life, nothing else in this world matters anymore… no burden, no dreams, nothing… just me, the car, and where i am going… the concentration that somehow makes my heart pumps harder but at the same time gave me this time of peace and full privacy… call me weird but no words can express how great it feel to be out there and go all out chasing times…

back to the topic :) i decided to finally take a proper photos of trackday warrior in action… not the best as i only stand from one spot because i had to run back to the car when my turn came… and thanks to anja for taking photos of my cars while i was driving… :)

i split them into 3 albums: part 1, 2, 3. please click on the pic below to see each album or you can click to these links:

PART 1 |   PART 2 |   PART 3

enjoy! :)

Cars Misc Photo Sampler

click on the pic for more photos or this link: Cars Misc

few mixture of the cars photography samples that i took in the past few years… will upload detailed album later… it will do for now to get the idea of what style i preferred… :)

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