[4] Custom Album & Canvas

Album Sample: Various

click the pic for more photos or this link: Various Album

more album samples and material choices. if you can see now we also package them in custom bag instead of a box… your choice. :)

Canvas & Framing: Julia & Bob

click on the pic to see more photos or this link: Canvas & Frame: Julia & Bob

all the final framed canvas are wrapped in transparent plastic to protect them against minor scratch and then will be packed will appropriate foam and box packaging for transport.

the main photo above is one of our Cloth Canvas Photo Enlargement (60×90) which lately has become a ‘standard’ largest size for display purposes on your wedding reception. please email us for our great range of sizes and prices. for customer outside Indonesia, we can just provide the Canvas prints and you can get it stretched and framed in your country to save on shipping cost.

Album Sample: Kids Story Book

this album were made for Tristan 1 year old birthday. the theme: jungle story book. all the images and props of the album are hand drawn by Silas himself. please click on the pic or the link to see more photos.

link to more photos: tristan album

Album Samples

Click on the image above or link below for more photos

Our Album are all custom made to your needs or you can leave it to our creativity.  We have wide range of cover fabric materials / PU leathers, wooden box, custom bags, all in various shape and sizes according to your need. We will ensure you that no one will have the same album as every album were made to order.

ALBUM:: Album Quality & Samples

Album Close Up Shots

Here are some shots to give you an idea of how well made our custom album are… down to the edge detailing, stitching and binding. Something that build to last for years ahead of you…

link to more photos: ALBUM:: Album Close Up

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