[3] Wedding Day

Vu & Belinda RAW photos (same day slideshow)

here is another same day slideshow that i made for vu and belinda (consist the highlights from the morning prep, ceremony and outdoor session. to be displayed / presented at the night reception). i want to apologise to those who i might have ignored on that day while i was working on this slideshow. i got 1 hour to finish sorting the photos from that day, resized and preparing the slideshow DVD. congrats again to Vu and Belinda, hope you enjoy the slideshow and the photos.

[WEDDING] Ann & Anthony RAW photos (sameday slideshow)

Ann & Anthony Wedding (Raw Photos / Unedited Version)
by Silas-Photo.com

click here to see the Slideshow on Youtube

i made this slideshow in 1 hour on the same day of the wedding… this slideshow were played at the night of the reception at annabella’s reception clayton melbourne. it is to summarise the morning ceremony and afternoon photoshoot that happened on the very same day.

congratulation again ann and anthony. they will have another party in Canberra the following week. so stay tune!

Mixed Wedding Sampler

due to large amount of wedding photos, yes we are talking about ten thousand plus to be sorted, and uploaded. we won’t have them online for now. we estimate the transition to this new site to be done by the end of February 2010. so in the meantime please contact us directly if you require more sample of the wedding day shots.

here are the last of the samples taken by my old F90x 35mm SLR, and few D70… before i switch to professional SLR body.

Click on the image above or link below for samples from Various Wedding Pre 2008. We will update the newer Wedding day photos soon.

ALBUM:: Mixed Wedding Sampler

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