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Yoke & Frans was my very first prewedding clients, my guinea pigs and turn out to be one of my favorite piece. Frans, even though he seems rather cold and firm, but he is like a melted butter in front of yoke and they never stop smiling at each other. They jokes like 2 best friends and love each other like a pair of doves. through the cold winter day and night, 2 days photoshoot did not seem to drained their energy, especially yoke… :) their concept was Korean Melo Drama Scene :D

Yoke’s Testimonial from our facebook page:

Yokebed Natalia Ambarsari

You have that special talent from God to catch every live moment in ur pic and made it as live and beautiful as the moment itself. Everything just look natural and live. All success to u dear.

May 26, 2009 at 8:13pm