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Starting from my love for photography, I started out by working for a photography retail company based in Melbourne in 2000, as a photographer. The three years working opportunity has honed my skills for indoor studio photo, portrait picture, acquiring the proficiency of combining the importance of composition and lighting. During that period, I also worked and contributed photos, front page shots, events coverage and art photos for ‘Buletin Indonesia’, ‘Indomedia’ and ‘OZIP’; community magazines based in Melbourne and Sydney.
Fun and full of spirit is who I am when taking picture. My colorful personality is translated into the photos I took. Being friendly and easy going, I have the ability to make people laugh and relax, which is a very important thing in photo shooting. Especially when I am dealing with normal person or couple who are not used to camera.
After I decided to get more serious in outdoor photography, it didn’t take me long to realize my great interest in people/portrait photography. While completing my master in Multimedia Design, I started to freelance outdoor photography for various occasion such as wedding, couples, birthday, graduation, farewell, christening, and many more. The result of my ability to capture the right moment naturally has resulted in a distinct and unique yet natural style photography. I tend to keep the shots clean, simple and natural.
My lists of clients are mostly from Australia (Melbourne, Sydney and Gold coast), Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali) and Singapore. I get a lot of request for pre-wedding and candid/on the wedding day photo shoots. It is always my greatest pleasure to see my happy client’s face when they see the result of their photos. Now, with more than 8 years experience and more defined style, it would also be my pleasure to be able to help you in capturing your special feelings on your important day.


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