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Tristan Birthday 1 Years Old

to see more photos, click on the pic above or here: Tristan

This album layout was all hand drawn from scratch. I decided to make the album like a story book. the jungle theme was tristan’s mum idea… :) you can see the finished album here tristan album

i haven’t took many photos of kids and baby, but is it something that i will be looking into very soon… this was one of my first kid’s photography job…

Mei Benjamin

Casual Outdoor Photoshoot

click on the pic above or this link to see more photos: Mei B 01

Mei is one of my first ‘guinea pig’ for casual outdoor shoot while i was hunting for photo spots and locations in Singapore. I wanted to steer away from usual tourist infected location like Orchard rd. no offense to anyone but i rather a place that shows true side of singapore… :) more unique… we did not managed to cover alot of places, however on the next location hunt, we managed to covered enough locations for my future shoot in singapore…

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