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Hana & Hans

click on the picture above to see more photos or this link to the album: Hana & Hans

Hana & Hans is very expressive in anything they did. they like teasing each other and above all they are so very much in love! i am so happy that i have the opportunity to capture their emotions and connections. although sometimes hana seems to be more dominating over hans, most other times they are very balanced in terms of giving and taking the affections :) lovely lovely couple!

Hans testimonial on our facebook page:

Hans Surya

I love your style because it never bore me. you are blessed with the ability to catch ‘the’ moment, regardless of the usual surrounding. you make the person/couple the center of the attention, not the background or something else. I got so many compliment on my pre-wed pics :D thanks bro!! next will be my baby pics ;)

July 18, 2009 at 2:39am

Willy & Livia

click on the picture above to see more photos or this link to the album: Willy & Livia

Willy & Livia, was fun to talk too… although at first they both abit embarassed, they starting to relax and respond to my jokes after about 1 hour… :) from then on it was all natural shots in my eyes… the location, we pick Gold Coast Movie World and Melbourne CBD as it has alot of good spots within such close proximity. their concept was theme park, fun date, and romantic evening… there was a few mishap at first where there was a delay and problem with the airlines. however we managed to reschedule the photo shoot to the next day… it was also a cold winter night in melbourne and abit of rain to stop us occasionally in gold coast, but that did not stop us having fun and taking great photos…

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