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Cath & James

to see more photos, please click on the photo above or this link: Cath & James

what a lovely couple. from the first time meeting them you can so tell that they are in love. James clearly crazy about Cath and has his eyes focus on her and her only all the time. Cath, always adore James and responded to everything that he does. sweet couple! they were awkward at first but it was not hard to make them feel relaxed. it didn’t take long before i got ignored by them because they start enjoying each others company too much :)

Wimleda & Meng

click on the picture above to see more photos or this link to the album: Wimelda & Meng

Meng is a very very shy guy and it is quite tricky to direct him to do some scenario naturally. however, Meng NEVER ever stop smiling. i don’t know whether he is overwhelmed with happiness or he is just happy being with Wimelda. Either way he would not be wrong… :) Wimelda on the other hand is very comfortable being in front of big cameras. she can completely ignored the facts that i am there snapping photos and focus on Meng. she is so natural and cheerful. Combination of a nice smile and natural pose will only leads to great emotions captured and represented through these photos…

Here are Wimelda’s Testimonial taken from our facebook page:

Wimelda Tiong

Once we start reviewing the proof that you gave us, we were very impressed. I mean, those are not even final results. And you have really captured ‘us’. It was difficult to pick photos for the album (I hope my long list did not give you heart attack). Thanks for making the whole session so enjoyable, I am looking forward to our wedding day coverage. Keep up the great work!

June 10, 2009 at 3:17am ยท

Yoke & Frans

click on the picture above to see more photos or this link to the album: Yoke & Frans

Yoke & Frans was my very first prewedding clients, my guinea pigs and turn out to be one of my favorite piece. Frans, even though he seems rather cold and firm, but he is like a melted butter in front of yoke and they never stop smiling at each other. They jokes like 2 best friends and love each other like a pair of doves. through the cold winter day and night, 2 days photoshoot did not seem to drained their energy, especially yoke… :) their concept was Korean Melo Drama Scene :D

Yoke’s Testimonial from our facebook page:

Yokebed Natalia Ambarsari

You have that special talent from God to catch every live moment in ur pic and made it as live and beautiful as the moment itself. Everything just look natural and live. All success to u dear.

May 26, 2009 at 8:13pm

Hana & Hans

click on the picture above to see more photos or this link to the album: Hana & Hans

Hana & Hans is very expressive in anything they did. they like teasing each other and above all they are so very much in love! i am so happy that i have the opportunity to capture their emotions and connections. although sometimes hana seems to be more dominating over hans, most other times they are very balanced in terms of giving and taking the affections :) lovely lovely couple!

Hans testimonial on our facebook page:

Hans Surya

I love your style because it never bore me. you are blessed with the ability to catch ‘the’ moment, regardless of the usual surrounding. you make the person/couple the center of the attention, not the background or something else. I got so many compliment on my pre-wed pics :D thanks bro!! next will be my baby pics ;)

July 18, 2009 at 2:39am

Ferra & Fortune

click on the picture above to see more photos or this link to the album: Ferra & Fortune

Ferra & Fortune, are one of the funniest couples i have ever shoot… they will not stop laughing and joking around… it is really nothing else i should make up from them… their connections and friendship in a love relationship shows from the very start till the very end of the photoshoot… our studio shoot was fun too as they are willing to do whatever ideas i throw and do it better! :) enjoy…

Julia & Bob

click on the picture above to see more photos or this link to the album: Julia & Bob

Bob traveled all the way from USA to meet Julia in Melbourne before getting married in Indonesia and return to USA to live, and they decided to do a prewedding photoshoot while they are in Melbourne. it was a great pleasure shooting their photos as i know Bob has put alot of effort into this. He did not normally enjoy his photo being taken, however he did it anyway for his loved one… they are both very mature, friendly, and well prepared of everything. it was not hard to get the best shots out of them even with such short time frame we had on the day…

Here are the Slideshow of their prewedding photos:

testimonial from Julia (taken from Facebook Page):

Julia Kwan

I am very happy and I’m still looking at the photos, not because I’m in it, but rather because you’ve captured my very special moments that will always stay with me for a long time, even when I’m old and forgetful.

Not only were you able to do incredible things with photos, but have the patience and creativity to keep us at ease with the limited time and limited places to take the photos in.

Thank you, thank you, thank you – you’ve made my pre-wedding day special and memorable.

July 28, 2009 at 5:15am

Willy & Livia

click on the picture above to see more photos or this link to the album: Willy & Livia

Willy & Livia, was fun to talk too… although at first they both abit embarassed, they starting to relax and respond to my jokes after about 1 hour… :) from then on it was all natural shots in my eyes… the location, we pick Gold Coast Movie World and Melbourne CBD as it has alot of good spots within such close proximity. their concept was theme park, fun date, and romantic evening… there was a few mishap at first where there was a delay and problem with the airlines. however we managed to reschedule the photo shoot to the next day… it was also a cold winter night in melbourne and abit of rain to stop us occasionally in gold coast, but that did not stop us having fun and taking great photos…

Pradhana & Tiazara

click on the picture above to see more photos or this link to the album: Dhana & Tia

Pradhana & Tiazara are a very lovely couple. they first met us ‘accidentally’ by attending to a wedding whose the venue was held next to one of the wedding which took the prewedding picture for and had few photos displayed… and as they walk past, they saw our photos displayed and insist on meeting the photographer who took it…

in Yogyakarta, they want a simple, fun, still romantic, photo shoot… we were happy with the city as it got plenty of spots and friendly people… although we did lost a wallet on that trip :)

here are Tia’s testimonial on our facebook page (its in indonesian):

Tiazara Lenggogeni

Saya bicaranya pakai bahasa Indonesia aja yah, coz my english ancur bangett…..xixixi
Beruntungnya waktu itu datang ke resepsi adiknya silas, karena dari sana qta berdua kenal silas. Waktu itu qta berdua bener2 takjub dengan hasil foto prewed adiknya silas yang dipajang, akhirnya tanya ke panitia dan bertemulah dengan sosok yang bernama silas dan finally dapet nomor handphonenya…hahahaha…
Singkat kata qta berdua pakai silas untuk prewed, klo yang lain pakai lokasi di luar negeri, qta milih konsep Jawa bangetttt, lokasi qta ambil di Malioboro dan sekitarnya di Jogya, pakai baju pun sesantai mungkin, gayanya pun senatural mungkin karena itu saran dari silas..
Dan hasilnya surpriseeeee….KERENNNN banget, saya& suami bener2 puassss, foto-foto itu bener2 romantis, natural dan membahagiakan, fotonya buka sekedar foto prewed biasa (gak percaya?? liat aja sendiri). Mudah2an silas buka tempat di Indonesia tepatnya di Jakarta, karena pastinya qta akan minta difoto lagi ma silas suatu saat nanti, tapi bertiga with our baby, tapi harga langganan yah..hahahaha… Thanks a lot silas…
July 16, 2009 at 6:43pm

Edo & Rika

click on the pic above or these link for more photos: Edo & Rika

Edo is a funny guy, real funny! one of few that always made me laugh… so my job was alot easier since he did most of the jokes to make Rika laugh… tickles her, lame story, tease her, etc… it is working well as they never fail to look so natural together… i can see Rika care for him so much and i wanted to show that through these photos…

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