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Rusly Tjohnardy:: Bazaar Wedding Expo

Rusly Tjohnardi – BAZAAR Wedding Expo. Four Season

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another striking collections. Rusly hired me to cover his backstage preparation and catwalk of his collections. As i expected, amazing details and perfection on each dress. enjoy! :)

while i was there i also took some shots of other designers. some practice shots while waiting for Rusly’s turn for the show.

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Rusly Tjohnardi

Rusly Tjohnardi – Tomodachi Bridal Show. Bandung

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Rusly Tjohnardi is one of the brightest gown designer i have ever met. he is a perfectionist and put so much attention to detail on his work. he is one of my closest mate since highschool and he has made it big in indonesia and overseas now. photo will not do justive to show the real quality of this work but from what i heard from all his customers that i know are his gown flows, and fit like a glove… comfortable, stunning, and alot of attention to detail. amazing… :)

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